1. Process Synthesis and Design.

Jun 12, 2020

Process Synthesis and design are both an essential part of process development, which aim toward the generation of feasible flowsheet variants and their optimization with respect to specific objectives. These objectives are mostly related to economics, but also take into consideration environmental impact and safety. The broadening of the scope of process synthesis and design is essential in order to enable the awareness of innovative developments made under the umbrella of process intensification in fluid separations, reaction engineering, material engineering and other disciplines. Therefore, it is of significant importance that methods and tools developed in process system engineering evolve to the challenge of integrating these options into a consistent process design framework, which will allow for an efficient evaluation of the available options.

ADRESS currently provides a concise study of the ongoing efforts to fill this gap which are focused on the developments related to novel and complex (bio) processes. ADRESS is also working to solve the future needs for a successful implementation and extension of the available methods for novel applications.

Selected References

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